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I am an aspiring author working on a novel that explores stigma, faith, and community.  In my personal life, I am liberating myself from a psychiatric diagnosis that contradicts my personal beliefs.  For far too long, I believed that my spirituality was symptomatic of “my illness”. For far too long, I allowed others to dismiss my experiences as “struggles”.  Now I see madness as a spiritual gift.

I have a mental health condition.  I do not label it a disorder because I certainly don’t feel disordered as I go about my life. I may not find all the states of consciousness I experience as particularly pleasant, but I do believe that I can transform these experiences into work that could be useful to the world. As I find ways to understand and make use of my madness, I respond to the shadow sides of these experiences without diminishing the gift of madness itself.  Extreme states of consciousness are a vital and interesting part of my experience as a person.  I feel that my existence in the world is destined to be purposeful, not problematic. Contrary opinions are not acceptable.

This blog is about my journey towards mad acceptance.  It is a new adventure. I hope to connect with people who have gone this way before and to leave a trail for those who will be liberated in the future.  I am grateful for anyone who wishes me well as I set off on this path. I am deeply moved by those who accompany me on the journey.

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