Earth Day Openings

Was kind of lost in worry and went for a walk and prayed, kicking at stones on the road through the woods.  When standing on a foot-bridge and fretting, I felt God pressing at my shoulder.  No, I don’t want to feel God pushing me now, I want to be normal, already.  But he doesn’t stop, just keeps pulling my left shoulder. Finally gave in and reluctantly and abashedly let him turn me all the way around.  I found myself facing, for the first time, the greening canopy. It just hung out before me patiently waiting for me to notice.  I walk these woods all the time.  I’ve been pining for that moment, that moment of seeing the first horizon of green.  I’ve been studying brown trees, earnest that they would spring to life before me, but all of my meticulous praying did no good.  So, I would shift to praising the tiny grasses and ground cover for popping through the browns, but still I was yearning for green to be above me.  In fact, I was starting to feel indigent. I needed hopeful green to be all around me already!

I wished it to be here, to see those light greens and know that there are months of warmth and sunshine ahead.  And today, when I finally gave in and let God move me, I saw that it, – Spring, beauty, re-creation, new life –  is in fact finally here.  I almost missed it. If I had stayed in my fret and worry, staring mostly at the blue laces on my black sneakers, the budding greens would have come and gone without me.  If I had ignored the pressing at my shoulder, I would not have noticed that my prayers have been answered.  I scanned the canopy and sighed. Relief. Trust affirmed. I know that every little thing will work through its own season. Walked home with my head up, letting the rocks below go unexamined.